The Inside

by Dedicated Hardware

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released October 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Dedicated Hardware Portland, Oregon

started in 2007 by Sean Barrett, after many years of experimenting with numerous styles of electro-industrial and metal, tending to be focused on dark-heavy-distorted-dance music- Dedicated Hardware has evolved year by year, adding member Geiger Hindrum to the band and rocking harder than ever's art for heavy dance muzik lovers ... more

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Track Name: The Inside
I can feel the hate
I can feel the pain
I can feel the loss
I'll take it with a grain
a look into the past
what is there to gain
a path I have to cross
a change inside my brain

A mess, it's life, dive into.

Affect you from the inside.
Track Name: Dancing To The Tomb
Conscious feeling
Subconscious feeling

Sometimes I feel nothing
and sometimes I'm overwhelmed
dancing to the tomb
push pause, then resume
think of all the time that's wasted
Track Name: Reality Is Distorted
I must confess
what a fucking mess it is

what carries on what fades away?
in this fucking mess

I want to progress I confess
but reality is distorted
like the human mind
but reality is distorted
like mankind
Track Name: Slipping Into Obscurity
We are not even here
we are not even seen
we are not even heard
we are just slaves to machines

Slipping into obscurity
I'm slipping into obscurity
slipping into obscurity
I'm slipping into obscurity
Track Name: I Bite Without A Bark
Our frequency has left a lasting mark
making things look dark
a bite with out a bark

Lose your place, you are flexing hard
fists are curled you can't look back

I'll search you out, offend you
if our fates connect, black and blue

A bite without a bark
I think I've left my mark
I've known it from the start
I bite without a bark
Track Name: Automated
Getting stuck in automation
cannot seem to change the station
in a haze, and not quite right
to cleanse the system, you have to fight
have to fucking fight, you have to fucking fight

Cyber wires
and gears and pliers
large suppliers
and deals and buyers
have we gone off track?
lie still or attack?
at times I feel so
at times I feel so
Track Name: Waste Of Lust
A spark
turned into
a pile of fucking dust
it's Dark
burnt into
just a fucking waste of lust

The mark
it wears true
eternal hate for a broken trust
it's Dark
burnt in you
just a fucking waste of lust
Track Name: Distortion [To Feed A Generation]
Everything is clear to me
as I wake up and clarify
to feed a generation
everything is clear to me
Track Name: Control
I can control machines, I control
I can control machines, I can control
I control, I control my phone
I control, I control my computer
I control, I control from home
I control, I control from my commuter

And people look and people stare
you can see them everywhere
and it's always on your mind
you need to look you need to find

And people look and people care
someones on one over there
it's like without them we are blind
like we're getting left behind
Track Name: Break The Mold
break the mold
escape doing what you're told

When pressed, the weak will run and hide
they're showing what's on the inside
Track Name: Aftermath
Shapes and patterns, risks and rewards
shape the mind, take the path
we live in the aftermath

Take a step back
slip through the crack
thoughts get lost, once in stone
life lessons from the past
they will slowly fade
'till the last is alone

It's how we live in the aftermath
in the aftermath