Machine Controller

by Dedicated Hardware

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the 3rd Dedicated Hardware album


released April 1, 2010

Sean Barrett - everything!! from start to art



all rights reserved


Dedicated Hardware Portland, Oregon

started in 2007 by Sean Barrett, after many years of experimenting with numerous styles of electro-industrial and metal, tending to be focused on dark-heavy-distorted-dance music- Dedicated Hardware has evolved year by year, adding member Geiger Hindrum to the band and rocking harder than ever's art for heavy dance muzik lovers ... more

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Track Name: A Morbid Game
blast the sniper
you shoot to kill
your soul burns hotter
your turning your will
the mines get louder
enemies creep in
the blood tastes sour
we're just killin

a morbid game
a morbid game we play again
shoot to kill
a new thrill

my heart pumps faster
im under attack
the shells get louder
theres no turning back
Track Name: If We Were Machines
if we were machines
we would not lie
we would not die
we would not cry
we would never wonder why

we could not feel
we could not heal
we could not deal
with the fact that we are not real

we could not dance
we could not trance
we could not advance
if we were machines
Track Name: Reflecting
I stood back
looked within
what did I see
what spoke to me

all the times I reflect
what I seem to collect
all of the thoughts inside
all of the things I've tried


I am affecting
always collecting
we are connecting
sometimes defecting
you are correcting
rarely detecting
anyone reflecting
forever perfecting
no one inspecting
ever selecting
nothing protecting
what was I expecting
Track Name: Pursuing Evolving Dreams
real-time, bionic
waiting for you
it's prime, the chronic
it shines right through
my mind, hooked on it
a dream come true
the grind, i cannot stop it
i will pursue

pursuing evolving dreams

what is a dream
Track Name: Machine Controller
machine controls


machine controller

i love computers
i love controllers

i love machines

electronic controlling keyboards

synthesizer keyboards
Track Name: Dark Mind
where is the dark line
drawn inside my dark mind
there is a dark vine
woven in the dark grind
creeps up my dark spine
winding up a dark wind
until the dark is mine
it's on my dark mind

dark mind, dark mind
it's on my dark mind
Track Name: Alive
so you feel
when you get it right

forced back to a time
you knew
in your mind
integrate this time
through all the grit and grime


our bodies exhaust
our minds get lost
our memories are tossed
we pay the cost
our fingers are crossed
we pay the cost
Track Name: Synthetic Form Of Healing
have i got you on your feet?
reaching for the ceiling?
cracking the concrete?
giving you the feeling?

do i make you feel complete?
do i give your life some meaning?
are you moving to the beat?
that is what i am machining

i can make pain obsolete
with a synthetic form of healing
your powers will replete
while your getting the feeling